Princeton Startup Weekend is an intense 2-day hacking event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend.

Pitch your idea and find your dream team. Hack together with some of the most talented members of the Princeton community (and a whole bunch of other universities on the East Coast). Enjoy the mentorship of rockstar entrepreneurs, VCs, and developers. Meet representatives from some of the hottest tech startups. Make use of the awesome APIs provided by our sponsors and win special awards. Learn the tricky aspects of early-stage startups from the best in the industry, and put your knowledge to practice immediately. Show what you built, win a prize, and gain recognition.

...Lots of coding, lots of creativity, tons of junk food and energy drinks, lots of prizes, and a lot of fun -- don\'t miss the action!

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…about the event:
By Ankur Oberoi from TokBox
By Gavin S. Schlissel from The Princeton Alumni Weekly
By Leo from Factual


And the winner of Princeton Startup Weekend are:

First Prize: Newsance
Second Prize: Git Cookin’
Third Prize: DUMA
Coolest Hack: Hungry Tigers
Audience’s Choice: Locally


Teams that will demo

Check out what our teams are cooking and will present today @ 4 pm HERE


So we were told there are some prizes at this Startup Weekend thing…

First Prize – $1500
Second Prize – $1000
Third Prize – $750

Bonus prizes:
Coolest Hack – $500
Tons of prizes for using the API’s
and who knows what else…

How do I register/join my team?

2. Click Princeton Startup Weekend
3. Click Register (up right)
3a. If you have an account, Sign in
3b. If you don’t, Sign up
4. To register a new team project, click Submit Hack
5. To join an existing team project, click Teams & Ideas, click the name of the project and hit Join Team.
6. One of the team member will have to approve your request to join!
7. HACK!!! :)

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